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tonight, I’m loving Ms. Sandra Chevrier



New Folk Revival Group Show October 5th at Lequivive Gallery

Heads up Oakland, Lequivive Gallery & guest curator Max Kauffman present Neu Folk Revivl, featuring works by various artists including Ryan Bubnis, John Casey, Lisa Congdon, Cosmic Nuggets, Mike Egan, John Fellows, Katy Horan, Rich Jacobs, Matt Leines, Maseman, Mildred, Daryll Peirce, Souther Salazar, Zio Ziegler and many more. 

My friend and great artist Max Kauffman curating this great show at LeQuivive Gallery.  Cali check it out. Much love. 

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"Fracture" Block Print

Jason Thielke

available 9/12/13 at madelife www.madelife.com

Korehiko Hino from Japan


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King of Pop is a tribute item for the late Michael Jackson by ‘Ooo my design.’ Designed as traditional matryoshka dolls (which have smaller versions hidden inside progressively getting smaller as you go through the layers), King of Pop chronicles different iconic looks that Michael Jackson had throughout his career.

Ooo my design’s King of Pop starts off with a layer depicting a pale-skinned Michael that resembles the look he carried at the end of his career. The next layers include an homage to his famous thriller music video, and the look that he started with when he first hit the music scene with the Jackson 5.

These three figures from ooo my design represent the major life stages of one of the worlds most well-known pop stars. Michael Jackson truly was the King of Pop.

Collaboration with Jose Mª Luengo. www.mamamiraloquehago.com

MMJ russian dolls? omg. 

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Medicina Mandala by Sebastian Wahl 2011 

48”x48” collage in resin



Known for his appetizing yet dangerous-looking sculptures, mixed-media artist Scott Hove will debut a new body of work at San Francisco’s Spoke Art this Thursday, May 2. Titled “Guns & Ecstasy,” Hove’s latest body of work was created with heavy topics borne in mind. Presenting candy-colored assault weapons decorated like extravagant birthday cakes, Hove uses the tension between the violent and tantalizing aspects of his work to probe issues surrounding America’s gun policies in light of the recent tragedies that have occurred around the country. In addition to the gun sculptures, Hove will debut an elaborate, labyrinthine installation. Take a look at a sneak peek at the installation and some shots from Hove’s studio courtesy of Francis Zera and check out the show at Spoke Art May 2- May 25.

MORE: http://hifructose.com/2013/04/29/preview-scott-hoves-guns-ecstasy-at-spoke-art/

Scott Hove

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PSYCHEDELIC. ROBOT. SKULLS. See the whole series by David M. Cook. 

oh yes all three. love.

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